Documents about our security services, tax information, and more

For your convenience, we have made important documents available for your to view, download, and print. These files include statements about the services we provide as well as business and tax documents. If you have any questions, or are looking for something that you don’t see here, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Company Service Information

File Size
Business Consulting Capability Statement
688.2 KB
Fuel Management Capability Statement
672.4 KB
Marine Support Capability Statement
668.0 KB
Project Management Capability Statement
693.2 KB
Security Capability Statement
650.7 KB

Company Documents

File Size
CVE Approval Letter - expires 5/12/2024
118.0 KB
Michigan Security Guard License - expires 6/30/2023
429.0 KB
2023 - WSS MI Sales Tax License
376.3 KB
2023 - MI Certificate of Good Standing
872.2 KB
2023 - W9
162.7 KB
NVBDC SDVOB Certificate - expires 7/28/2023
408.1 KB
Certificate of Insurance - exp 02/19/2023
849.8 KB

Safety Documents

File Size
SDS- Off Road Diesel Fuel
96.1 KB
SDS- Diesel Exhaust Fluid
110.9 KB
SDS- On Road Diesel Fuel
96.1 KB
SDS- Bio-Diesel Fuel
143.7 KB
SDS- Propane
83.8 KB
SDS- Kerosene
88.8 KB
SDS- Gasoline
131.7 KB
Lubricants, oils, and fluids


File Size
ACH Information
413.2 KB
Credit Application
402.5 KB
Credit Card Authorization Form
1.5 MB
EFT Authorization Form
1.8 MB
Sales Terms and Conditions
1.7 MB