Fuel Management from Walsh Service Solutions

Walsh Service Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and easy to use fuel management solutions, including mobile and on-site fueling services, bulk delivery, lubricants and DEF, fuel storage tanks, electronic management systems, and fuel polishing.

Electronic Management Systems

WSS utilizes FuelCloud™ remote inventory management system which combines flexible, light-weight hardware with powerful cloud-based software to provide cutting-edge applications and data that our clients need to make better decisions about their fuel as well as allowing them to keep precise track of their inventory.

Fixed Price Contracts

Fuel price volatility is dominating today’s petroleum markets. Reducing your exposure to the unexpected price fluctuations of the petroleum markets is an important part of ensuring profitability. Intraday price variations used to be measured in fractions of a penny – but now it’s not unusual for a 10 cent per gallon change within hours. The impact on your business can be financially troublesome. Every penny increase in the price of fuel translates into extra dollars spent. WSS can assist our clients in securing appropriate fixed pricing contracts to reduce your bottom line.

WSS offers several different types of pricing contracts and utilizes their buying power and market expertise to pass the savings on to our clients.


  • Limit exposure to increasing price swings

  • Reduce risk in a highly volatile market

  • Provide an accurate budgeting and accounting tool

  • Program can be customized to cover all or only part of fuel requirements

  • Contract lengths are flexible (1-18 months)


  • Fixed Price Contracts – Customer locks a price for a set time period

  • Price Cap Contracts – Limits the upside price spike potential

  • Trigger Contracts – Agreed “basis” level that is set, then contract is triggered at a point that is advantageous

  • Price Collar Contracts – A cap and a floor are set limiting upside risk, but, also limiting downside activity

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