Fuel polishing services at Walsh Service Solutions

WSS’ trained staff specializes in testing, cleaning, and restoring dirty, contaminated and water-effected diesel fuel and tanks. Our innovative process cleans, polishes, and treats your fuel beyond original manufacturers specification and cleans your tank interior so bacterial and fungal growth are removed and future proliferation of wall attached and fuel suspended biological contamination is ceased. We not only polish your fuel cleaner than ASTM D975 but we also vacuum the sides and bottom of your tank, add fuel stabilizer and microbial growth blockers and pressure wash your tank(s) before recirculating your fuel through a series of filters until it is meets ASTM D4176 and is ready to run your piece of diesel equipment in any emergency start up or long load-run situation.

WSS will test your fuel for water (both free, absorbed and emulsified), clarity (ASTM D4176 test), grade both your fuel and interior tank surfaces on the ISO 4406:1999 chart (per Worldwide Fuel Charter and generator manufacturer specifications) and provide computer tracking and chemical analysis to show you the progress and current state of both your fuel and tank.

Our multi stage polishing process is capable of getting your fuel up to 30x cleaner than your diesel generator operation and warrantee requires and subsequently allows for a longer operating lifespan for your genset or engine due to reduced wear on the combustion chamber (ie: valves and rings), high pressure pump and fuel rail and injector parts.  We also eliminate problematic growth from tank walls and bottoms to ensure the next time you turn on your generator or fill your tank, bottom resting debris, corrosive microbial growth and sludge will not be stirred into your fuel and filters.

Whether your tanks are above or below ground (AST’s or UST’s), primary or secondary day tanks, are situated in large scale fuel farms, back-up generator belly tanks or large diesel powered marine vessels our specialty is providing a completely “drip free” and clean site solution while we treat, test, and polish your fuel. Our tank cleaning systems are minimally invasive, cause zero mess (through a pressurized “closed loop” design) and keeps the fuel in the tank where it belongs during service. WSS’s eye toward safety, firmly established (and redundant) cleaning and operational protocols, expert training and array of testing equipment ensure the job is done right each and every time.

It is WSS’s primary mandate to not only save our customers costly and unnecessary repairs but to do so at a fraction of the cost of fuel disposal. We realize the gravity of an emergency power generator failure or fleetwide fuel contamination issue and will not leave a site until the fuel and tank are repaired to our exacting standards. Our job is to provide not only a clean burning (and lower emission) fuel but also to provide fuel that is reducing the actual wear on your engine from fuel rail to injector to combustion chamber due to exceedingly low particle count in your fuel.

WSS’s fuel testing maintenance and (only if necessary) polishing protocols offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment, boat, generator or emergency power provider at your critical site will start on time, every time, no matter what the circumstances.

Click below to view a great video that illustrates the change in fuel quality.

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