Site security from Walsh Service Solutions

Industrial facilities and construction sites are subject to strict regulations, potentially dangerous working conditions, and constantly changing rules and procedures. Our team understands this, and we work with our clients to create a tailored security program to ensure the safety of all site personnel, visitors, and assets.

Whether it is signing-in and providing RFID badges to visitors, monitoring incoming/outgoing shipments from vendors, monitoring truck scales, and keeping account of site activities. Walsh works with our clients to deliver a comprehensive service that fulfills their business’s specific needs and end goals.

Site Security Services

  • Recording site personnel, visitors, and guests
  • Securing entry/exit points to the grounds or buildings
  • Patrolling parking lots, utility fields, or surrounding areas
  • Conducting fire extinguisher checks
  • Directing guests and visitors through your facility
  • Controlling traffic flow
  • Recording vehicles, trailers, and other equipment
  • Providing detailed reports with client-requested metrics
  • Truck scale monitoring
  • Emergency services coordination