Providing exceptional construction services for your next project

Walsh Service Solutions works with businesses in a range of industries providing unparalleled construction services that help to ensure your project is done on time with as few headaches as possible. If you would like to learn more about our construction services – click one of the options below.


If you are in need of construction and project support, our team has in-house professionals ready to help.

Construction Services

Survey and Inspection Services

Offering bathymetric and drone survey options, WSS surveys are known for their accuracy.

Survey and Inspection Services


WSS is proud to provide comprehensive environmental services focused on efficiency and safety.

Environmental Services


WSS has the experience and resources to complete nearly any waste removal or transportation project.

Vacuum Truck Transportation

Water Treatment Services

Our team has a wealth of experience providing specialty water treatment for projects with high regulatory oversight and demanding timelines.

Water Treatment Services

Marine Support Services

With an extensive network, Walsh Service Solutions can provide your business with timely and reliable marine support services.

Marine Support Services