Access control services from Walsh Service Solutions

We are your partner, providing comprehensive and integrated security solutions to meet your needs. We specialize in assessing the security needs of your job sites to develop customized integrated security system solutions that digitize the construction spaces so that every object from the ground up can be detected, tracked, classified and assigned a threat level, creating either an independent end-to-end or integrated situational awareness solution.

It is essential to have a comprehensive security system

  • Theft of materials/equipment, vandalism, and eco-terrorism at job sites account for over $1 billion in annual losses
  • Unplanned operation costs increase due to project delays or to replacing or repairing stolen/damaged materials and equipment
  • All projects have their own unique challenges such as terrain, environment, unsecure areas, and assets vulnerable during off shift hours to theft, vandalism, and eco-terrorism

Our system can detect and track hundreds of objects in real-time, day or night, in three dimensions (3D). Birds, drones, drone swarms, aircraft, vehicles, people, and wildlife are all detected and tracked, bringing total situational awareness to the construction site.  With this new technology, we have the capability to provide constant monitoring against new and more advanced threats like eco-terrorists or malicious activities which may utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms.

Your site(s) will be 3D mapped, airspace restrictions documented and filed with the FAA. Any unauthorized approach (in air or on ground) will be sensed with our layered technology approach. Once a threat is identified and assessed, our highly trained staff will initiate the appropriate measures to mitigate any menace or potential intrusion. For air threats, our pilots command rapid deployment interception drones with a high degree of effectiveness, which can capture or neutralize any unauthorized UAV(s).

Any unauthorized ground incursion will be immediately identified and pre-established communications will be initiated with appropriate law enforcement for them to address the trespassers as well as being able to provide video documentation of any activities that may have occurred.

We safeguard your construction job site through a scalable, layered, and integrated solution that achieves total airspace and ground space awareness, safety, and security allowing your project to be as efficient as possible.


  • Our Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) pilots fly the latest technology for data capture and are fully compliant with Title 14, Chapter I, Subchapter F, Part 107 – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Rapid identification and advance warning of ground/air intrusion by unauthorized parties
  • Accurate and efficient communications with law enforcement with video evidence
  • Scalable systems that each cover an approximate area 1.2 miles wide by 2.5 miles long
  • Small footprint required for system and can be self-sufficient in remote areas
  • Can be used by management to monitor construction progress
  • Drones can be equipped with real-time kinematics capabilities that when paired with ground control points, survey-level accuracy is achieved